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Earthquake in Haiti

Help Needed: Haiti hit with massive quake.

Haiti was hit yesterday by what could be considered the worst natural disaster for the region in the last 200 years.

An earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 7.0, shocked the country just before 5 p.m. on Tuesday, collapsing buildings and cutting water and electricity services in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas. Aftershocks of 4.5 magnitude or higher continued through the night and early Wednesday, thwarting immediate aid efforts for an estimated 3 million affected by the quake. Thousands are expected dead or injured and many more will be displaced with their homes reduced to rubble.

charity: water’s two local partners, Partners in Health and Concern Worldwide, are reacting to the disaster swiftly and comprehensively.*
We need your support. In the interest of immediate relief, we’re asking that donations be made straight to our partners.

To donate to Partners in Health’s efforts, click here.
To donate to Concern Worldwide’s efforts, click here.

Already one of the poorest and densely-populated countries in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti has struggled to overcome the effects of a slew of rough storms in 2008 before this week’s disaster. More than 4 million people (42% of the population) already lack access to safe drinking water. Disasters undercut development efforts tremendously.

*charity: water started working with PIH in 2007 and has since funded six freshwater projects with the organization to bring safe water to more than 25,000 people in rural Haiti (learn more here). Last year, we started partnering with Concern Worldwide in Haiti by funding eight spring protection systems, which will provide clean water for at least 6,000 people, once completed.


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Havana, Cuba

La Habana is a city worth exploring, Castro is a man worth meeting, it’s worth it to get up for sunrise to watch the fishermen along the coastline, to take a bus to Pinar del Rio to watch cigars being made, to see the gumdrop mountains, to watch sunset on a rooftop, to see the architecture of Old Havana, to see a place Hemingway deemed one of the most beautiful cities in the world; the art, the culture, the music, and the mojitos are all worth a taste.

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Rincon, Puerto Rico

Book a week at Casa Verde. Good people, a short walk to the beach, and yoga down the street, not to mention Rock Bottom Grill and nightly drink specials. It’s the perfect hideout between surfing and sunrise. And if the day goes badly and you come home with a broken surfboard, trade it in for a free beer at Rock Bottom. At least you get to sleep to the sounds of the coqui frogs and can always drive down to Cabo Rojo for a hike and beach day.

Nearby: Banana Dang, serving delicious coffee and poached egg sandwiches with love. Smilin’ Joe’s. Live music at Calypso Cafe. Maria’s Beach. Rincon Surf School.

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