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Real Life Mowgli



Riding a five-ton elephant, whom she called ‘my brother’, chilling with a cheetah or hugging a giant bullfrog as if it were a Teddy bear. The childhood of a French girl Tippi Degre sounds more like a newer version of Mowgli, rather than something real. A white child, she was born in Namibia to French wildlife photographer parents, and grew up in Africa. Tippi spent her whole childhood playing with wild animals including lion cubs, a mongoose, a snake, a cheetah, baby zebra, giraffes and crocodiles.


The little girl saw nothing unusual about her company: “I don’t have friends here. Because I never see children. So the animals are my friends,” she once said.




Tippi is now 23 years old, and the only child to wildlife photographer parents Sylvie Robert and Alain Degre, who published her photos in a book called Tippi of Africa. “It was magical to be able to be free in this nature with this child. She was a very lucky little girl – she was born and raised until the age of 10 totally in the wild.” said Sylvie.


Original post with more photos here.

I’ve always dreamed of life like this, and here it is – Tippi’s real life. Amazing.

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St James, South Africa


It’s pretty crowded in the summer, but there are quieter beaches nearby. This tidal pool is not to be missed. Take the very easy and affordable Metrorail (maps available on wikipedia), hop on and off at no extra charge, and explore South Africa’s coastline. It’s a colorful and beautiful ride.


St James Accommodation:
The seaside suburb of St James, boasts a number of B&Bs and guest houses.


St James Beach:
A sheltered beach with a safe tidal pool for swimming and brightly coloured Victorian bathing boxes.


St James Walkway:
A scenic, level path that runs past the rock pools and beaches along the False Bay coastline all the way to surfers’ corner in Muizenberg.

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Tuberculosis is killing one person every 20 seconds. One in three people in the world is infected with dormant TB germs. I’m one of them. TB affects the whole world. Epidemics affect the whole world. It’s an ancient disease that is preventable and curable. We can stop it and save millions.

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In a place where children fight wars, fight each other, fight for their lives, we find hope in the power of music, dance, and laughter. Go to the War/Dance website and find out how you can help.

Uganda Fast Facts:

  • 236,040 square kilometres, slightly smaller than the UK
  • 28 million people, with an average life expectancy of 52 years
  • Official languages are English and Swahili, but Luganda is the most widely spoken
  • 4.1% of the adult population is HIV-positive
  • 35% of the population lives below the local poverty line
  • 1.7% are internet users, and 5.4% own a mobile phone
  • 70,746km of roads, 23% of them paved

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Cape Town, South Africa

The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront seems to have everything. When will it share?

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Habitat for Humanity

There’s nothing more rewarding than sweating under the South African sun to build a house for a family who has waited years for a home in Mfuleni Township.

Progress just takes time.

“Since 1996, Habitat for Humanity South Africa has built nearly 1,800 houses in the country, providing shelter in partnership with 8,000 people and bringing together people across racial, economic, cultural and social boundaries.”

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