Opposite to the North


Where beauty coincides with grace, where desert meets the ocean, where few go and many strive to return. To explore, camp, and climb, to watch icebergs roll, see penguins molt, to marry, to acquire a true appreciation for wellies, to ride in zodiacs, feel the swells of the drake passage, to be humbled, to be silenced, to watch seals sleep, whales breach, to witness nature grow and yet stay still, to find a piece of perfection. Antarctica is the most beautiful place on Earth.





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6 responses to “Opposite to the North

  1. Lovely. I wish I could go myself, but Antarctica is as far away from me as possible.

  2. danielle

    truly the most beautiful place in the world. made only more exquisite when shared with another beautiful soul.

  3. Jessie

    I just love these. I keep returning to sneak another peek.

  4. miss4tunate

    The photo of the skirt has me awed. Truly beautiful. Did you really marry in Antartica?

  5. i didn’t marry there, but friends of ours..
    i like the juxtaposition of flowy gold fabric with black rubber wellies.

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